What do Steph and Cel do outside of work?

-Written by Steph

Glad you asked! For some reason people with no imagination think that saving 60+% of your income means sitting at home watching TV. Except we don’t have TV. So I guess we stare at the wall.

But seriously, some people really are that dense, so I figured I should probably do this post to give a snapshot of what sort of lifestyle we have.

First off, we’re both pretty introverted with vague antisocial tendencies, so we actually enjoy spending an evening in reading good books and playing video games (both of which we do a lot of). We also both volunteer several evenings a month for our housing co-operative, doing stuff like interviewing applicants, going to committee and board meetings, and generally participating in the running of the complex.

Looking at the calendar, Facebook, and Mint, I compiled a list of the “outside of the apartment” entertainment stuff we’ve done for the last six months. I think it gives a pretty good picture of our lives:

– We went to a handful of birthday parties and house parties with friends. We always bring food with us to share, and don’t drink, so we’re not mooching off of others. Cost: $0

– We did the Sun Run, a massively popular local 10K race, with our corporate teams. Cost: $0

– We got the Inspiration Pass from the local library and went to the Vancouver Aquarium, Bloedel Conservatory, and Hillcrest swimming pool. Cost: $0

– We went on five hikes and one mountain/trail bike ride. Cost: $0

– We had three beach days. Cost: $0

– We went to one free outdoor movie so far at Stanley Park – Mean Girls. Cost: $0

– I went to three free outdoor ballroom dance events. Cost – $0

– We went to five movies at the theater – American Hustle, Divergent, Spiderman 2, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy. We got popcorn a few times. Cost: $90.18

– We went to see UFC 174. Cost: $127.10

– I went to see two symphonies, with the discounted tickets for under-30s. Cost: $30

– We went to the Richmond Night Market with some friends and tried some interesting food. Cost: $24.50

– For Cel’s birthday we parachuted off Grouse Mountain. Cost: $480.90


We also were traveling around Europe for a few weeks, but I’ll leave that out since travel costs are accounted for separately and averaged over the year.

So that’s basically what we get for our $752.68, or roughly $60-ish a month each for entertainment. Combined with our full time jobs, volunteering, solitary activities, and household stuff, we’re pretty busy these days.


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  1. pretty impressive discipline, my wife and I do a lot of similar activities but we tend to plan on spending some money each time. for example if we bike downtown Munich we’ll usually get a bite to eat at the local fast food shop and perhaps, depending on the weather a coffee or an ice cream cone. usually this is pretty cheap under 10€.

    other time when we do a long trip 25-50K I’ll plan lunch in, upto 40€

    but that depends on when in the month it is, if it’s near the end and money is a bit tight than we go cheap. To make sure we stick to our savings plan I always pay myself first.

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