-Written by Cel

We hit a big milestone yesterday – the two of us have now hit a combined net worth of $100,000! It is entirely in liquid or relatively liquid assets (cash, investments, or GIC’s).

To celebrate, we made cookies. Specifically, 100,000 peanut butter cookies.


Slightly over a year ago in June of 2013 was when we hit our $50,000 mark. At that time, we made 50,000 chocolate chip cookies.


As you can guess, we have made cookies a tradition to celebrate a financial milestone.  We think it is a good idea for people to come up with their own ways to celebrate financial achievements – whether that is eliminating debt, or increasing your stocks of cash.

It took us 13 months to get from $50K to $100K. We anticipate that increases in passive income will reduce the time between 100K and 150K – perhaps 12 months.

We still intend to do a trip report, probably this weekend – we have been recovering from the trip this week.




  1. Hi guys! I love your blog, I’m from Mexico, living in metrotown and with the same goal, early retirement… You have explained really well in your posts many ways to save money to get your goal… But I don’t know if you could explain better how do you create passive income, I mean, how do you have distributed the money after you save it. Is the next step that I want to take and I would like to see an advice from you…. How to start the snowball… Thanks!

    • Hi Raul, thanks for the comment! Glad you have enjoyed our blog.

      The short answer to how we create passive income is that we invest the money in different types of accounts. Mostly, we use index funds.

      Your comment made us realize that we have never made a detailed post about how we invest our money. So we are going to do an in-depth post about that pretty soon, which should answer your question fully. Stay tuned and you will see it soon!

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