2nd Quarter Spending Vs Budget Update

-Written by Steph

Fresh back from a fabulous trip to Budapest, Vienna, Zurich, and Paris, it’s time for our halfway-through-the-year second quarter spending vs budget update. So here’s what we’ve spent so far this year, compared to what we “should” have spent!


Budget: $4650 Actual: $4598

Rent didn’t go up as much as we originally thought it might, and we moved to a smaller unit in June. This covers rent, insurance, minor repairs, and moving expenses.


Budget: $1650 Actual: $1423

Right about where we should be. $200 worth of gift cards back in February/March really hammered this one down. The breakdown here is 76% groceries, 8% restaurants, and the rest some combination of fancy chocolate, maple butter, and diet coke.

Bills and Utilities (two cell phones + internet)

Budget: $550 Actual: $522

We got a few promotions here and there. About right.


Budget: $300 Actual: $108

Low for now, but a new game console is on the horizon. For $108 we got a new iPod for Steph, a paper shredder, hosting for Incoming Assets, and Microsoft Office.


Budget: $50 Actual: $0

Haven’t needed anything yet


Budget: $50 Actual: $51

Gasp! Over budget by $1! This year we’ve bought socks for Steph, underwear for Cel, and shoes for Steph.

Personal Care

Budget: $457.50 Actual: $457

Holy batman that was close! How the heck…? This was not done on purpose. This includes haircuts, toiletries, and laundry.


Budget: $337.50 Actual: $521

Quite a bit over. So many great shows this year. This really varies a lot – some years there’s tons of great shows all year, some years dick all. This has been a year with a lot of great shows and concerts coming to Vancouver.


Budget: $200 Actual: $233

On the high end, due to laziness. Gotta start biking more.


Budget: $150 Actual: $126

About right.


Budget: $450 Actual: $349

It’s a pretty generous category. Our latest additions to this category have been garbage bags, bread machine parts, a kitchen table, and a few e-books.

Overall Comparison

Budget: $8845 Actual: $8388

So despite spending a crap-ton on symphony and UFC tickets, we’re still in great shape and under budget by a good chunk. A few things should be really kicking in and getting the numbers down over the next few months, including me cutting Cel’s hair and both of us biking more. We’re well on our way to a record low spending year.



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