Vancouver Hiking (and biking) Part Two

-Written by Steph

Hi again from Steph! I’ve been slacking on blog posts recently due to organizing our upcoming move. It’s the end of May, and we’re well into hiking season finally after a long and shitty winter. We’ve been ticking off a lot of trails on our to-do list, so I thought it was a good time to give an update on some more of the trails we’ve been exploring. So here’s where we’ve been going!

Capilano Pacific

A really nice easy hike going from Ambleside Park up to the Cleveland Dam. You start on the far east side of the park, and it’s one of the best marked trails I’ve been on. It’s even paved for the first stretch! It’s a very interesting trail in that it winds its way through residential areas and under several bridges before finally getting into Capilano Park, so you have a gradual transition from busy city to nature – very unique among Vancouver hikes. Here’s the map: Mappy Map 1 And here’s what it looks like!



Okay, the second one isn’t really the trail, but I think the Cleveland Dam looks really cool going full blast. The trail takes about 1.5 – 2 hours one way, and there’s transit to Ambleside Park (MANY buses) and back to Vancouver from the dam (#236 to Lonsdale Quay, then the Seabus) that runs regularly.

Quarry Rock

We’ve been meaning to check out this little gem in Deep Cove for quite a while, and finally got around to it. It’s an extremely popular hike, about two hours round trip, from Panorama Park out to a great big rock that’s nice to sit on. The rock is also right on the water and up a bit, so it’s pretty lovely. Easily transit accessible from downtown Vancouver via a couple of different routes, the #211 direct or anything that goes to the Phibbs Exchange (switch to the #212 once you get there). No map on this one because it’s stupidly easy to find once you make it to Deep Cove (signs EVERYWHERE). But here’s what it looks like!



Seymour Valley Trailway

Okay, it’s not strictly a hiking trail. But it’s really fun to zip around the park on a bike! There’s a huge network of bike trails here, ranging from super easy paved ones that a blind toddler on a tricycle could navigate to somewhat treacherous mountain biking. We put together a big loop that went along the Seymour Valley Trailway (paved trail) as far as the hatchery, then back down Spur 4 (gravel trail) and the Fisherman’s Trail (mud and big rocks trail) to where we started (about 25km). There are nice rolling hills all along the route, but you definitely need to be in fairly good shape if you’re going to do the unpaved sections. This trail had more outhouses and picnic tables than all of our other hikes combined, which was nice.

Direct transit access from downtown Vancouver via the #210, or get to the Phibbs Exchange and switch to the #228. Here’s a map: Mappy Map 2.

And here’s what it looks like!




And that’s where we’ve been lately. Looking forward to MANY more Vancouver Hiking posts as we explore more trails!


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