Quarterly Spending Vs Budget Update

-Written by Steph

Having completed the first three months of the year, we decided that it’s a good time to take a look at our spending to date versus our annual budget. This is effective as of the end of March. We wondered when we set the budgets if we were being too optimistic in our cuts, but it seems to be looking very good!


Budget: $2325     Actual: $2243

Our insurance went up slightly, but we haven’t had to do any repairs that we’re responsible for, or buy any light bulbs.


Budget: $825     Actual: $449

We had about $200 worth of grocery gift cards from credit card sign-up bonuses, which made up a big chunk of this. We’ve also been eating out less, meal planning, and shopping more strategically.

Bills and Utilities (two cell phones + internet)

Budget: $275     Actual: $243

We got some account credit from strategic credit card spending, but pretty much as expected.


Budget: $150     Actual: $50

Pretty good for now, but Cel will probably be buying one of the new video game systems at some point this year.


Budget: $25    Actual: $0

Haven’t needed anything yet


Budget: $25     Actual: $31

About right, Steph bought shoes and socks but won’t need any more for some time.

Personal Care

Budget: $230     Actual: $327

Over budget, but part of that was buying clippers to start doing Cel’s hair myself, so this should balance out soon.


Budget: $170     Actual: $341

Quite a bit over. There have been a lot of great shows recently, but we’ve also started classifying some of our food-away-from-home as entertainment rather than restaurants (which would be in Food and Dining), if it’s things like movie popcorn.


Budget: $100     Actual: $110

About right, a little higher than it would have been due to some bike parts. Should drop like a rock now that it’s warmer and we can bike more rather than using transit.


Budget: $75     Actual: $55

About right.


Budget: $225     Actual: $110

We were pretty generous in this category when we made the budget, and it shows. This included shipping costs, books, my Good Housekeeping yearly subscription, a digital bathroom scale, and some kitchen stuff (tupperware and a cookbook holder).

Overall Comparison

Budget: $4200     Actual: $3959

Seems like we’re on track to beat our budget, and by a nice margin. We’re doing even better if compared to our spending for this period last year (Jan-Feb 2013) rather than our 2014 budget, which was about $4440. Check our our next Quarterly Update in early July!



  1. I’ll have to do my quarterly comparison soon as well. It’s been on the back burner. It’s nice to see other Canadians with what I consider a reasonable spending level – not uber-frugal nor extravagant.

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