Our Monthly Budget – 2013 Edition

-Written by Steph

We don’t budget in the traditional sense, but we do track – here’s what our average spending per month was for 2013. 



Fancy pie chart courtesy of Mint.


Housing: 755 — Includes rent, insurance, and minor maintenance like light bulbs and toilet seats.

Travel: 634 — Includes just under two weeks in the French Riviera, Monaco, Italy, plus one week in Guatemala

Food: 275 — Groceries around 230, the rest is diet coke, restaurants, donuts, movie popcorn, and maple butter

Shopping: 167 — Electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture, books, hiking gear, sewing supplies, and kitchen stuff

Bills: 115 — Includes two cell phones, internet, and a landline which got cut in October

Personal care: 76 — Includes haircuts, toothpaste, laundry, etc

Transportation: 65 — Bus tickets and the purchase of two bikes and associated gear

Entertainment: 58 — Movies, concerts, operas, and various shows, usually a couple a month

Other: 53 — Mostly cat food, also includes gifts, postage costs, and sewing lessons



    • We know it’s a ripoff, but we kind of enjoy it, and it’s not too often.

      We are definitely going to be travelling, same amount as before. This summer is two weeks in Europe – Budapest, Vienna, Zurich, Paris.

      The monthly budget is simply what we spent in 2013 – it doesn’t include our savings (which was well over half of our total income).

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