Advice: Hang your laundry to dry

-Written by Steph

Seriously, just do it. It will save you money.

I’ve been hanging shit to dry since I was 19 and moved into an apartment with no laundry. I begrudgingly picked up a clearance washing machine at Sears, but was way too cheap to get a dryer as well, so I bought a $15 indoor drying rack instead.

Don’t worry, your house won’t start sprouting up mold and mildew. People were doing this way before laundry machines were invented. Just exercise common sense and make sure your drying area has reasonable air circulation and/or windows.

You will save money. Both from not needing to replace things as often, and possibly laundry money if you live somewhere where it isn’t free. Your clothes and linens will last so much longer that you’ll get sick of looking at them before they start to show signs of wear. You may never need to buy new sheets again. Speaking of sheets and blankets, the easiest way I’ve found  to hang them to dry is on a door, and mine seem to take about 6-8 hours to dry in Vancouver’s climate.

When you make the switch, make sure you don’t  wait a month before doing laundry, run out of space on your rack halfway through, and declare the whole thing a failure. I do one large load of laundry a week and find that’s about the right amount for my drying rack, though it depends on what style you have, and what type of clothes.

It will probably take you forever to get everything up when you first start, but you’ll be blasting through laundry in no time with a little perseverance.



  1. And I can’t wait for the temperature to rise so I’ll be able to hang dry our laundry on the deck (one of the[few] perks of house ownership. though I used to do it as well in apartments before). I grew up in Europe were largely none heard of drying machines. The smell of fresh sun-dried bed linens is amazing.. as is the sun’s whitening work. I’ll probably fast become my neighbourhood outcast but should that happe, there’s an emergency plan: drying in the kitchen with the deck’s doors wide open…
    totally agree re clothing longevity: tried, tested and compared.

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