Grocery tracking 1-month challenge

Steph here! Starting today, we’re on a mission to find out where our grocery money goes. We’re keeping all our receipt and categorizing every purchase to find out exactly what the breakdown is, and also keeping a one-month food diary to show how that translates into meals.

Our categories are Produce, “Meat”/Tofu, Baking, Condiments, Grains, “Dairy”, Nuts and Seeds, Canned, Non-food (toilet paper, cleaning stuff), and Other. We have a spreadsheet made and ready to go, and are finally going to get some data on this.

Why are we doing this? Well, people ask us about our meal planning and grocery shopping a lot, and now we can save time by handing them a link instead of going to the trouble to explain it. Other people think we eat beans and rice for lunch and rice and beans for dinner. We actually don’t eat beans at all due to an allergy on my part, but anyways…

It should be an interesting month, since we have no idea what to expect. I think Baking and Produce will be high, hopefully Other will be low since it would indicate poor organization on my part if it wasn’t, and everything else could be damn near anything.


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