2014 Budget

-Written by Steph

After a great financial year in 2013, the time has come to make a rough budget for 2014 – and it’s looking like we can shave off a bit more savings with no real effort! After some “infrastructure investments” in 2013 (bikes, sewing machine), cutting our landline, and tightening up my cell phone plan, we should be able to trim about $1200 off our 2013 expenses. Of course, at the end of 2014 we’ll compare the budget to the reality and see what happened, but for now we can be optimistic.

Here are the expected numbers (for both of us combined), and commentary.

Housing: $9300

Rent is $732/month now, and will be going to to probably around $780 sometime in 2014. We don’t know when, or the exact amount, so I assumed we’ll be paying $732 for 6 months, $780 for 6 months, $187 for tenant insurance (a requirement to live here), and around $40 for lightbulbs or minor stuff. But hell, we might even end up moving, in which case all bets are off.

Food: $3300

Same as 2013. Grocery budget of $230/month, a little extra for drinks and restaurants. I haven’t noticed any increase in food costs, despite what a lot of Vancouverites will tell you.

Bills: $1100

Internet is $27.95/month. Cel’s phone is $30.27/month. Mine is $35.84/month, dropping in July 2014 to around $30 when I kiss Telus goodbye.

Electronics: $600

Cel’s planning on getting a new gaming system, and various games. It will be lower in 2014 because I won’t be buying a new computer like 2013.

Hobbies/Sewing: $100

I have lots of supplies now. This is mostly just thread, zippers, buttons, or other repair stuff for our wardrobes.

Shoes/Clothes: $100

A sharp drop from 2013. I can sew and repair all our clothing, so we shouldn’t need to buy anything new other than socks and underwear. We both picked up new shoes on Boxing Day, so we’re good to go for that.

Personal Care: $915

Haircuts, soap, tampons. Same as 2013. Not anticipating any changes here unless our hairdresser quits, in which case I’ll start clippering Cel myself.

Entertainment: $675

Same as 2013. It seemed to provide a very ample number of concerts, symphonies, ballets, movies, and other shows.

Transportation: $400

A sharp drop from 2013. Assumes 18 books of bus tickets, and a lot of biking. We didn’t start biking until the end of August of this year, which is why 2013 was higher for transportation costs.

Anthony (our cat): $300

About the same as 2013. We won’t need to buy him a new litter box again hopefully, just food and some toys here and there.

Other: $900

About the same as 2013. Our category for hiking gear, stamps, and a nice big safety net for unexpected stuff.

Travel: $7600

Same as for the last two years. Gets us roughly one awesome summer Europe trip and one relaxing tropical winter trip. God knows where we’ll end up this year.

Grand total:

$17,690 for living expenses, $25,290 including travel. And away we go!



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