Pre-Travel Food Draining

-Written by Steph

As mentioned in my last post about meal planning, twice a year we actually do a detailed meal plan for one week – and this is that week! We leave for Guatemala next weekend, and it’s time to start clearing out our perishable supplies.

There are three goals of Drain Week – use up everything perishable, waste nothing, and spend as little as possible – no eating out or buying convenience foods! The plan includes all meals and snacks we will be eating, a “breadline”(deadline to make bread, after which it is PROHIBITED), and any supplies we will be purchasing.

Our current perishable supplies are as follows: Cranberry oatmeal muffins, soy milk, apple juice, veggie burgers, carrots, onions, potatoes, green onions, broccoli, Daiya(vegan cheese), veggie bacon, fresh cilantro, fresh parsley, a piece of lime, and one serving of leftover Christmas roast. We have full stocks of frozen and non-perishables.

Our meal plan is as follows:

Lunch – veggie burger stir fry
Dinner – deep dish pesto pizza

Lunches – leftovers for Cel, sandwich for Steph
Dinner – calzones
*Make bread*

Lunches – leftovers for Cel, calzones for Steph
Dinner – lentil casserole with skillet bread

Wednesday (New Years Day, no work)
Lunch – leftover casserole
Dinner – Gardein (vegetarian frozen chicken strips) stir fry
*Buy tofu puffs, green onions, broccoli – around $4*

Lunches – leftovers for Cel, calzones or sandwich or Steph
Dinner – tofu puff stir fry
*Make extra rice for tomorrow*

Lunches – leftovers for Cel, calzones or sandwich for Steph
Dinner – tofu fried rice

Lunch – leftovers
Dinner – we’ll be gone by the time dinner rolls around

Additional details
*Carrot cake to be made for snacks after muffins are gone*
*Breakfasts will be toast with PB and jam for Cel, oatmeal for Steph*

And that’s our meal plan!



      • It was a general comment for the entire blog. You spend nothing now when you work 40 hours a week. Are you going to get by on the same amount of money when you have nothing to do from 8-5 Monday to Friday? That sounds like an incredibly boring life. Can you go to the movies? Can you go out for a nice dinner or drinks with friends? Ugh…. such a terrible existence (IMO) if your only goal is to “get by” without working. You will never enjoy the finer things in life and that is incredibly sad.

      • Charles, on Saturday we are leaving for our twice-yearly vacation; this trip is to Guatemala. The cost for the trip was about one month’s of savings for us. Tomorrow we are going to see a movie. A few days ago we saw a professional performance of The Nutcracker at a local venue.

        I’m not sure what you mean by the finer things in life, but the things that we value – travel, enjoying the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, good food, concerts and shows, leisure time to unwind and relax – are all things that we already have.

        In regards to early retirement, I have no problem with people who want to work for several decades. However, that is not for us – working is not what we want to do for the rest of our lives.

        What exactly, are you suggesting we should be doing?

      • How much is 1 month of savings for the two of you? How much is a flight to Guatemala for the two of you? What do you do in Guatemala? I guess you’re restricted to travel in developing countries so you can enjoy yourselves without spending too much money?

        I just think it’s silly to put restrictions on your lifestyle so you can afford to not work as long. If my friend calls me tonight and says “Let’s go to that new French restaurant,” I’ve positioned myself financially to say “Of course, let’s do it” without giving it a second thought. You have positioned yourself to be frugal and to say no to these situations for your entire life. You have positioned yourself to drink water or juice if you decide to go to a bar with your friends. You’re living in social isolation. If you were my friend, I wouldn’t call you to hang out because you aren’t willing to do anything. It’s lame.

      • The trip was about $1200 each for flight and hotel, plus about $250 CAD each of spending money (converted to local currency). One month’s savings is about $1200-1400 for me, $1500-1700 for Steph. We prefer to travel to tropical countries in the winter – in the summer, we go elsewhere. The last three summers we have travelled to Europe.

        If you prefer to work for most of your life and spend most of your income, that is up to you. If you enjoy going to expensive restaurants, or regularly drinking at bars, that is fine for you. But that is not what we enjoy, so we don’t do it.

        You seem to think that not wanting to go to restaurants or bars is equivalent to social isolation. Believe it or not, there are more things to do than just those.

        If I knew you, I wouldn’t want to hang out with you either. You seem judgmental and close-minded.

    • We would retire of course. We would travel a lot more than currently. However – we already plan to do this, it would simply make it happen sooner.

      We might buy an apartment rather than rent, (though not a house). We would likely hire a good financial planner to take care of our investments.

      Other than that, not much would change. We would not start drinking, or frequently going out to restaurants, as we don’t really enjoy that.

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